Heineken 2016

The Project

Heineken wanted us to deliver a world class space and experiences for the audience. They wanted us to premiumise every consumer and each touchpoint and create a space that stood out and caught everyones eye.

Our answer

‪We created the Heineken Hideout that became a high end, relaxed space with a members club feel. We partnered up main stage artists with the brand for exclusive, surprising performances. We also developed the story of Heineken’s founder Freddy Heineken in an integrated immersive, theatrical experience that unlocked, surprised and delighted festival attendees.


‪82% of audience had brand awareness across site

‪Larger sales increase than expected

‪Lager outperformed ciders serves whereas traditionally they would be equal

‪1700 theatre experiences

‪300 Secret Gig attendees


Case Studies

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